Blog Update


A number of you kindly folk keep asking me how I am and wished me well so here’s an update. My operation lasted an unbelievable 2.5 hours and afterwards I was in some considerable pain which was of course dealt with by pain killers, sadly I had a none too good experience with the pain killers which it took about a month to discover was a problem. Since changing pain killers I have been making slow but definite improvement and now manage short was each day, during which I have enjoyed kestrel, red kite and buzzard along with redwing, fieldfare and yellowhammer. Anyway I hope to start writing my blog again but this may not be until after the New Year now. Until my operation I have either written my newspaper column or blog every week, without fail, for 21 years so I reckon a break is in order. I hope you agree.

In the mean time please do email me if you have any queries and especially over the holiday period do send in your questions, photos and sightings so I can start again with a bang in the New Year. For those of you who have contacted e and haven’t received a reply, I hope you will accept my apologies. Do contact me again and I will try to reply to everyone from now on.

Finally if I don’t get round to starting my blog again before the holidays, may I wish everyone a great Christmas and especially under the current circumstances, a prosperous New Year.redwing-nigel-heptinstall


My apologies if you received this by email and not by blind copy, very sorry.


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